Digitizing the Port


Based on SaaS Model
How Does it work?

1. We undertake a hi-res on-site data capture system based on active technology: Laser Scanner + RBG cameras (Scanners can be mounted on existing infrastructure or temporal supports)

2. Surveyed data is sent in real-time to our Cloud-Hosted software!

3. CLEVER’s Software uses detailed 3D scans to estimate and classify the volume (using both geometric and texture information) achieving over 96% accuracy

4. Reports adapted to end-user devices are generated within seconds after the surface got scanned

Special Features
A Unique Solution

CLEVER-Volume offers a unique revenue model by implementing the product on a SaaS model. This strategy empowers our solution with distinguishing characteristics ahead of our competition: Elimination of software ownership and expert capacities to succeed on the operation, and a drastic reduction of the human factor.
Second, our solution provides a combination of hardware (portable active sensors) and software specifically adapted for operation on Ports, with capacities to dynamically modify day-to-day operations, optimize time, accuracy, and processing functions. Moreover, we provide a unique waste classification procedure based on object recognition. Finally, our solution has the (physical and processing) capacities to integrate thermal properties (through infrared sensor) to geometrical information. Thermal properties in the case of waste measuring can lead to early detection of combustion, reducing the risk of waste fires, one of the most important threats to the environment and public health.

CLEVER-Volume is a product developed by 3D Modelling Studio LDA

HTML Report Sample

Download here report sample automatically generated and adapted to most of the end-user devices. CLEVER publishes real-time HTML reports like this one, compiling compiling volume measures, relevant traceability data of waste, and graphical representation of measured piles.

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