clever / cargo

AI Solution for the automation of container integrity control and traceability

Traceability and cargo control are key elements to ensure Clever Cargo logistics and to support safe and secure freight transport. 

Goclever proposes a paradigm change: Clever/Cargo, is a solution based on the creation of intelligent digital seals, working as the unique end-to-end freight transport identifier, bound to the physical (original) seal, and enriched with cargo traceability events.

Technologically, Clever/Cargo shifts from a hardware-based solution (plastic seals, active tags, sensors) to cloud-based software, transforming it into an easily upgradable and future-ready solution. 

End-to-end traceability, from stuffing to stripping
Anticipation of cargo’s violation, reuse of original seal, and real-time information on Container’s status
Full automation, non-stop truck access, and sensorization in critical points